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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Japanese Web evangelism

At our Reaching Japanese for Christ Conference in February Dave Hackett of VisionSynergy handed out a paper entitled "Internet Evangelism: A High-Potential Tool for Reaching Japanese.

He gave the following points:

The Web has incredible potential for reaching Japanese - both in Japan and expatriates around the world, because:
• Japan is an educated, highly-wired society - almost everyone uses the Web (Over 61%)
• But the majority of Japanese do not have sufficient profiency in English to access evangelistic websites in English, which in any case may not be very contextualized for Japan
• There are only a handful of evangelistic sites in Japanese - a major missed opportunity.
• Few Japanese are likely to know an evangelical personally. Since most conversions result from personal relationship, this means that few will hear the Gospel from a person they know.
• Cellphone-based evangelism also shows high promise for Japan due to high SMS and cell connection to mobile-oriented websites.

If you are interested in the full page, write me at don_wright@mac.com


Blogger Tony said...


We've done a webpage on this whole subject:
Japanese web evangelism
and will value comments and extra resources to add.



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