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Reaching Japanese for Christ (RJC) is a network of loving Christians, primarily in Norh America, who are helping Japanese who are here temporarily.

Friday, May 26, 2006

What is DNJ?

DNJ is an important word to remember. It stands for Diaspora Network for Japanese.

DNJ has come out of the vision of the Japan Evangelical Association (JEA) to try to network the various organizations ministering to Japanese around the world. Since it is managed by JEA, you will have to know Japanese to follow this network. WWW.dnjonline.org is the address for their secured internet portal site. They are posting a variety of articles and information to help the comunication process, especially helping Japanese coming back to Japan.

The document that they published last year states, "DNJ and DNJ Online will be an impacting leverage to open local Japanese churches and coordinate with those churches for returnee and missionary support as an interdenominational gospel approach."

Even though you might not be able read their material, we English speakers need to be aware of the efforts by Japanese pastors and leaders in Japan and around the world. Please pray for them.


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