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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Memorial Day Weekend Event for Prayer

Please pray for our evangelism training conference for Japanese Christians, May 25th-28th (Memorial Day weekend) sponsored by Bridges International, Campus Crusade for Christ.

The purpose of the conference is to:
Develop Japanese in their walk with Christ;

Equip them with the know-how and confidence to share the gospel in Japan;

Expose many Japanese in Seattle to the gospel.

Please pray:
Many Japanese will come to our Thursday night event (Talk Time). Pray for a good time of befriending them this first night of the conference.

Pray they will join us for weekend activities and trust will be built.

Pray for openness and a willingness to hear and consider spiritual truths. Pray they will understand and have courage to respond.

Saturday night will find the Japanese Christians applying what they have learned from the training. After dinner, one of the conferees will share her testimony (Eri) followed by small groups led by the Japanese Christians, sensitively helping the non-Christians to understand. Please pray for this important evening.

Pray for good opportunities to share the gospel one-on-one as we are in Seattle or elsewhere.

Thanks for helping us impact these young lives for Christ!
Partners with you,
John & Barbara Whitehouse Campus Crusade for Christ

PS If you live in the Seattle area you are welcome to the Saturday night dinner followed by the outreach event. It is free.
You are, also, welcome to a special training for Christians ministering to Japanese/internationals. It will be held Friday and Saturday mornings during the conference - 9 am.
Please let us know if you plan to come to either of the above events.


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