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Thursday, June 08, 2006

From Just One Tract

It was about five years ago that a young Japanese man (19 years old) came to the USA. A woman happened to meet him and gave him a tract in Japanese written by a local Japanese lady. He was eager to meet the Christian, and right there he decided to become a Christian.

He went back to Japan and graduated from a two year course at a Bible School there. God led him to return to the USA, and now he has started a church with 10 or 12 Japanese attending.

This is such an amazing story for several reasons:
1. It started with one person who didn't know Japanese giving a Japanese tract to one young man.
2. He quickly came to believe in Jesus.
3. He quickly entered Bible School.
4. Now he is leading others to Jesus.
5. It usually takes so much longer, and seems so much more complex.

Lets always be praying and expecting God to do it again and again and again.


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