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Saturday, May 20, 2006

When They Return Part Two

While serving in church planting in Japan, one day a young college student showed up in our church. He seemed to be very interested in the gospel. When we asked more, we were surprised that he already had an understanding of the gospel, and was trusting Christ.

After several weeks attending our church, he shared that he had first heard about Christianity as a high school exchange student in Northern California. His host family were believers, and he attended church quite regularly. After a very frightening experience he became serious about seeking God, and decided to trust Jesus.

He returned back to Japan, but no one helped him find a church, or prepared him for his return. It was about four years later that he "happened" to meet a Christian at school, and she brought him to our church.

We were very thankful, but sad to note that he had not been prepared. Theologically, I know that the Lord had not abandoned him, and lovingly gave him the opportunity to connect with us. And yet how much better would it have been if that family had done a better job in helping him.

I guess they should have read my blog posting from yesterday! :)


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