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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Memorial Day Weekend Report

From John & Barbara Whitehous

Thank you for praying! Here are some of the blessing.

Over 70 international college students came to Talk Time! The largest number we had all year.

On both Friday and Saturday nights we had 35 non-Christian international students continue to come to our events.

On Saturday night, following Eri’s testimony, gospel discussions went on for thirty minutes in some cases.
Conferees shared, they had gained confidence to share Christ with their Japanese friends when they return home.
Three “seekers” at the conference publicly stated they had moved closer to receiving Christ.

Over 50 Japanese non-Christians from area schools in Seattle had the Gospel sensitively explained to them by the Japanese conferees and Bridges staff over the course of the weekend!

Thanks for helping us impact these young lives for Christ!
Partners with you,
John & Barbara Whitehouse Campus Crusade for Christ


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