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Friday, June 16, 2006

Fun With English

(This is a great service that Russ Baustian has had over the years. He sends out this little note for English learners. If you are interested in getting it, please contact him directly at )

Welcome to "Fun With English", a ministry of the English Classes of Minami Urawa Baptist Church.

Today's word: "neck", the part of the body that connects the head with the rest of the body. It can become sore from strain. "I have a severe pain in my neck".

Today's idiom: "neck of the woods", any part of the country; place; neighborhood; vicinity; probably where you live. "And here's what the weather is in your neck of the woods."

To think about: Jesus said, "Dear children, it is very hard for those who trust in riches to get into the Kingdom of God." Mark 10:24


Mr Baustian (Russ)


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