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Reaching Japanese for Christ (RJC) is a network of loving Christians, primarily in Norh America, who are helping Japanese who are here temporarily.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Helpful Websites

There are a number of good websites available related to ministering to Japanese.
For those who can handle Japanese, I think http://jpnews.org/pc/ is great. Besides information concerning the contents of the Christian Shinbun (Newspaper), there is a front page which is of common interest to Christians and non-Christians.
http://www.kirisuto.info/ also has a lot of information.

BBN carries Bible centered broadcasts in a number of languages including Japanese. http://www.bbnradio.org/

Two sites that I enjoy for English speakers are:
1. The Japan Net (http://www.japannet.typepad.com/) has many good resources for Japanese work.

2. http://reapmagazine.com/ has a good collection of Japan related articles.

3. The Hayama Conference This is a great source for excellent papers on Japan and Christian ministry there. The conference itself is no longer in existence, but the website has some good stuff. http://www.mupjapan.org/hayama/ (The Hayama Conference used to be Click the “Files for Download” and for the year 2000 you will be interested in the presentation of Lonny Dufty’s “The Returnee in Japanese Society.”)

If you have found helpful websites for working with Japanese, let us know.


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