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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Reaching Japanese is a team event

Today I came across a letter from Gordon Kaneda, pastor of the Lynnwood Japanese Church in Washington. He very clearly shows how English speaking people and Japanese churches can work together.

A high school exchange student - Yuka - was brought to our church by her host mom last Sunday.
The host mom said, "She recently accepted Christ!"
She had been to Westgate Chapel with her host family, and even though she didn't understand she liked going to the church.
The host mom shared the Gospel with her, and when she asked Yuka about receiving Christ, Yuka said, "Yes."
The host mom also showed her the Jesus video in Japanese. At the end of it, as the narration led the viewer to prayer, Yuka simply mumbled because the narration was telling her to do so.
As the host mom saw that, she was so excited. "You just prayed the prayer!!!!"
The host mom was very excited again that Yuka had accepted the Lord.

Well, before the service when my wife was talking to Yuka, she said, "I'm a Buddhist."
After the service, I asked her about what I had heard from her host mom.
Yuka said, "I couldn't understand what she was saying, so I just kept saying 'Yes'."
She also said, "I was a Buddhist, but I didn't think much about it, so I thought it was okay to change my religion."
So...she didn't understand the Gospel. What she understood was that she was asked if she wanted to "change her religion."

I went through "Knowing God Personally" with her and explained what Christian faith is all about, and her eyes grew large.
And at that point, SHE ACCEPTED THE LORD!!!!

The host mom did exactly what she needed to do for Yuka.
She took her to church.
She shared the gospel with her.
She showed the Jesus video in Japanese to her.
She did everything she could to communicate Christian faith and love to her.
These were all very crucial. As a result of all of these acts of love and passion, Yuka was very open and ready to hear the Gospel in Japanese when she came to our church.
It would have never happened without the host family playing this important role in the whole process.
Yuka later emailed me and said, "Thank you so much for explaining in a very understandable way. I enjoyed so much, and I'd like to come to the church again."
The host mom was so happy to hear the news, and she is really looking forward to bringing her to our church again next Sunday.
Now it is our responsibility as a Japanese church to guide her to baptism and help her to grow as a Christian before she returns in July 2007.


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