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Monday, April 16, 2007

Where are Japanese?

Today I was reminded of the amazing work of the Joshua Project in compiling the information concerning people groups of the world. Where are Japanese? And what other language groups are in Japan? The answer? Check out Joshua Project!

Because our primary interest is concerning the Japanese in different parts of the world, I went first to:
http://www.joshuaproject.net/peoples.php?rop3=104189 . They list Japanese in 41 different countries. They range from 30 in the Falkland Islands to the larger countries like the USA.

And now I have another figure to toss around. In our RJC website (www.rjcnetwork.org) we say that 500,000 Japanese are temporarily in North America. These are those who are in North America as students, business people and family, and longer short-term visitors. Then we have the figure of 5,000,000. This is the figure that the Japanese government has for those Japanese who each year step on to United States soil.

At the Joshua Project web site we have the figure for USA of 1,207,000. This includes temporary people and those who are residing in the country more permanently. And for Canada the number given is 61,000.

What ever the figure we use, lets pray for the Japanese who are present in other countries around the world. They often are more responsive to Jesus there than they are back hom.

And while you are at the Joshua Project website, check out: http://www.joshuaproject.net/countries.php?rog3=JA . You will find a list of 33 people groups, including Japanese. That makes 5,741,000 non-Japanese living in Japan.

Thank you Joshua Project people for your great help!


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