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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Reaching Japanese By The Centemeter

Many years ago I was introduced to the Engle Scale of Evangelism. Jim Engle developed this scale to show that everyone can be classified by his/her awareness of and reaction to the gospel. Some people are a -8, having never heard of Jesus Christ. Others are at -4 in that they have an awareness of the gospel and are beginning to see the personal implications. So when a person moves to a -2 or a -1 they are ready to make a personal decision to either trust Jesus or not.

Then Engle showed that the various methods we use to present Jesus should be adapted to where people are along the scale.

I liked this scale because it always reminded me that often our ministry to Japanese was helping them down the scale toward a decision. The English classes, friendships and even just a smile and a greeting could help someone begin to be interested in Jesus.

Today I received an email from a friend who is now serving as a chaplain in a nursing home in Mid-West America. He and his wife have a special interest in Japanese, so I could sense his smile of thankfulness as he wrote that an elderly Japanese woman had recently confessed her faith in Jesus.

I know absolutely nothing about the situation and the process that led to this decision, but I can imagine that there were thousands of centemeter-sized steps that brought her to this decision. I sent a response to my friend, suggesting that she might wish to inform her relatives back in Japan that she had made this new decision. Perhaps that might result in a half-centemeter movement for someone back in Japan.

The point of this note? Be encouraged that your ministry today might only move people a centemeter or so toward Jesus. It might be the centemeter that moves the person from -6 to -5.9, or it might be that final centemeter that brings them to faith.


Blogger eshibui said...

Don thanks for this reminder that the little things add up in God's kingdom! Sharing the Gospel and seeing growth in others, especially those who are not familiar with its foundations at all, can be a really a slow process. It's helpful to keep this process in perspective, and especially not to forget that God has a plan than was started MANY years before any of us here now were on Earth. He loves to work in HIS time, which often seems slow to us with our desire to see everything immediately.

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