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Reaching Japanese for Christ (RJC) is a network of loving Christians, primarily in Norh America, who are helping Japanese who are here temporarily.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

How Many Christians in Japan?

The following was posted at http://reapmagazine.com/gallup2.htm .
It had been reported that 6% were Christian. Here George Gallup corrects that to indicate that 4% identify with Christianity. The statistics show that there are probably .5 to 1% who are actually members of a church. And only half of them actually attend a church.
So how should we respond to this Gallup poll? I think that we should be excited! This should change the way we do mission in Japan, and how we minister to Japanese in North America! Just think that there are at least 3 million Japanese in Japan who identify with Christianity, but have little or no connection with His churches! And the same percentage is true with the Japanese who come to North America as students, business people and tourists! From Don Wright

By George Gallup
Japanese missiologists have been under the impression that about one percent of the Japanese population is Christian. Our study indicates that 4% of Japanese adults identify with Christianity. This shows that the proportion of Japanese Christians is higher than expected.

The correct figure for the percentage of Japanese who say they are followers of Christianity is, as indicated, 4%, not 6%, as reported earlier. This was a basic arithmetical mistake on my part, for which I take full responsibility. The fact remains, however,that evidence points to growth in the number of Christians in Japan. And the finding that 7% of teenagers say they are Christians, as previously reported, further supports the conclusion that Christianity is growing in Japan.

A final note: In interpreting survey results, it should be borne in mind that all sample surveys are subject to sampling error: that is, the extent to which the results may differ from what would be obtained if the whole population surveyed had been interviewed. The size of such sample error depends largely on the number of interviews.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Any Hope in Japan?

Today I found an old article written by Russell Board in World, January 28, 2006. He said:
Masahiro Yamada of Tokyo Gakugei University, author of the book "A Society Lacking in Hope", attributed the falling birthrate to a general lack of hope about the future. Polls show a gloomy outlook afflicting all age groups in Japan, despite growing prosperity.
It is deeply ironic that the society with the longest life expectancy in the history of the world lacks the courage and desire to give life to the next generation. Awash in material goods, Japan is sorely lacking in basic spiritual necessities: hope for the future, appreciation for the gift of life, and an understanding of its meaning and purpose.

So we continue to pray and share the Hope of the World--Jesus. dw

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Ideas for Sharing Jesus

Recently some one wrote, asking for help about how to share with a Japanese that they would be having for a home stay.

Here are a few ideas that may be helpful:

1. Relax and share and show Jesus' love.
2. Ask questions, like: Have you ever read the Bible? Have you ever gone to a church? What do Japanese believe about God, etc. (Using a "what do Japanese believe" wording helps them to more easily answer).
3. If possible, bring them to your church.
4. If there is time, why don't you order Japanese New Testaments for them?
Check out http://www.multilanguage.com/catalog.htm
There are some good items at http://www.multilanguage.com/jap/Default.htm
The Digest Bible JPN-L22 is a good booklet for those who might not be ready to jump into the Bible itself.
It lists Bibles at: http://www.multilanguage.com/scripture2.htm: I would recommend the JPN-S25 New Testament (Living Japanese?Living English)
5. Ask them if they would be interested in trying out a church in Japan.
6. Be sure to get all their information, especially email addresses, so that you can stay in contact with them for at least 5 years.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Pearl Harbor Grace

Over the years I have been thrilled to hear and read the story of Mitsuo Fuchida, the lead pilor at Pearl Harbor, and the parallel story of Jacob DeShazer, one of those who attacked Japan.

Both men came to Christ and for a period of time actually shared in evangelistic meetings. Although I never met Fuchida, I do remember attending a meeting in Tokyo when the missionary community said goodbye to the DeShazer as he retired from missionary work.

Their stories are now available on line.

For Mitsuo Fuchida see http://www.biblebelievers.com/fuchida1.html

And for Jacob DeShazer see http://www.christianitytoday.com/tc/7r6/7r6034.html